mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR)

A whole house ventilation system that runs constantly to provide a healthy environment and recycle heat energy that would normally be wasted.


Air is extracted from kitchens, bathrooms and u4lity areas which can be hot, moist and stale. This extracted air is blown outside via a heat exchanger.


Fresh air is drawn into the building through the same heat exchanger to pick up any heat and then terminated into bedrooms and living areas.


This process recycles energy that would normally go to outside whilst providing clean fresh warmed air into the building.


The air is filtered both as it enters and leaves the building, which also provides great benefits to people with allergies and breathing condi4ons such as asthma.


The units are capable of by-passing the heat exchanger during summer months to stop the heat being recirculated whilst still extracting the stale, moist air from the building.


The units have an automatic boost function to run at a higher rate when high humidity is detected (from showering and cooking).


Very suitable for new efficient buildings and can also be retro fitted to existing.

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